Corn exchange ghost?

articleorbsOctober 19th ’07 saw The Wiltshire Times report on a photograph taken by Devizes based historian John Girvan at ‘The Corn Exchange’ in which Mr Girvain claims the photograph showed the biggest spirit orb he had ever captured in his history of leading ghost walks and ghost tours.

The article and photo can be found online >>here<<

W.P.R always find it interesting when such stories reach the papers and we felt compelled to look into this story further.

The interesting thing about this story is that Kevin Murray, the services manager at the town council which owns and operates the Corn Exchange, said employees had not reported any ghostly goings on at the Corn Exchange and from what we can find there is nothing that suggests the Corn Exchange has had any history of a haunting.

When we studied the photograph itself we noticed that to the right hand side of the photograph are a further two anomalies that have not been mentioned in the article, funnily enough the article only talks about the larger orb, yet the fact that there are another two anomalies besides the larger one suggests to WPR that these are merely dust particles in the air.

There are factors we took into account when looking at the photograph that helped us to reach this conclusion.
The photograph shows two men on the stage working on the set, this suggests to us that people are working in the building and the area in which the photograph was taken, at the time that the photograph was taken which suggests that there would have been dust particles in the air that had been disturbed by the people working in that area at the time

We also noticed that to the left of the theatre is a doorway with a curtain hanging in the centre of it, it is difficult to tell wether or not this doorway leads to an outside area or not but it does look as though there is daylight shining onto the floor to the left of the doorway in question, if this is the case then it is possible that there could have been a breeze entering the stage area through that doorway, which would have also disturbed dust particles in that area causing the anomalies in the photograph.

We also took into account that The Wiltshire Times wrote:

“Mr Girvan was present when renowned medium Derek Acorah was in Devizes filming an episode of Ghost Towns shown on Living TV last year. Mr Acorah was invited to Mr Girvan’s forge behind the Assize Courts after Mr Girvan said he felt a presence there.”

Which gives the impression that the photographer is a believer of ghosts and therefor may be more likely to jump to a ghostly conclusion for his photograph rather than a more logical one, this is known as ’selective thinking.’

WPR do not believe the photograph shown in the Wiltshire Times shows any signs of a paranormal manifestation and that the story is a product of selective thinking and uncritical journalism and simply provides free advertising of previously mentioned ghost walks and vigils held by Mr Girvain.


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