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A guide for eye-witnesses

If you’ve have an experience, or you’ve seen something that you can’t rationalise and you’re not sure what to do then these three golden rules are for you.

Rule one – Don’t panic!

It is so easy to become scared, stressed and anxious if you think weird things are happening in your home and it’s easy to jump to conclusions and let your mind play games with you. By working yourself up and panicking, you are more likely to interpret occurences as odd when they may not be.

It is advisable to anyone who thinks they have a ghost, or something odd going on in or near their home to stay as calm as possible. It might seem difficult, but it will help you remain more rational when, and if, things continue to happen.

Rule two – Write it down!

The easiest way to try to work out what is happening is by writing it down and keeping a record of every time something strange happens.

It’s a well-known fact that the human memory is flawed when it comes to remembering exact details. If you are going to keep a record you have to try to write down what has happened as soon as possible before you misremember things, or get influenced by what others may have witnessed.

If more than one person witnessed something happening, try not to discuss it before writing it down so that you don’t accidentally influence what the other people witnessed.

Although eye-witness testimony doesn’t stand for much by way of evidence, it does help when trying to form a picture in your mind of what has been witnessed.

Rule three – be careful who you trust

If you decide that you want help from a researcher or a group you must make sure that you are really careful with who you ask to help you, and who you allow to enter your home.

Remember, a paranormal research or team may not always be the right way to go about things, so don’t feel it’s your only option.

It is important that you research the people who you are thinking of letting into your home before you do so. All sorts of people are involved with paranormal research and it cannot be guaranteed that their motives are altruistic.

Ask yourself these simple questions before deciding if you want a paranormal group in your home:

– Have the members agreed to an ethical code?

– Do the group have public liability insurance?

– Are there any reviews (good or bad) about the team anywhere apart from on their website?

– What are their aims? How will this influence what they do?

– What are they likely to do when they enter your home?

Even if you think it is safe to let a group into your home, you must familiarise yourself with their methods. Some teams use a scientific approach, some use gadgets and others use spiritualist methods.

If you aren’t happy with what a team are likely to do in your home, then don’t let them do it, and let them know about it. It’s your home.

You will find that some researchers will talk about facts or theories that sound scientific and technical when they’re not. It’s key to do research prior to the team entering your home – don’t just accept what they tell you at face value.

Ask them why they think what they think, how they know they’re right and ask to see their research. It may be that their ideas are flawed and biased due to their personal beliefs.

If you are in any doubt about what you are told by a researcher, get a second opinion.