Lights in Wiltshire skies

The Wiltshire Times have reported on numerous sightings over Wiltshire of odd lights in the sky. The lights are describes as:

“Bright orange lights in the sky over Trowbridge and Melksham…”

“-in the sky was a cluster of orange lights…”

“-over Salisbury Plain before gradually moving eastwards and fading into one light…”

“-in the sky were five bright large orange round balls of light.”

All of these descriptions suggest that the lights seen in the sky were nothing more than “Chinese lanterns”. Many people who witness such lights in the sky who are then told they saw nothing but lanterns say they know it wasn’t lanterns and know what they saw.

The fact is though that when looking at the sky it is really difficult to judge the speed, distance or size of an object moving across the sky. It’s similar to watching planes flying above us. From some angles they move quite quickly, but view them from other angles and they look like they’re not moving at all.

Here is a video of one chinese lantern let off by friend of mine from their garden. Their confusion is acting as they had just lit the very lantern they were viewing. In this video you will notice how the lantern doesn’t look anything like a lantern.

The article goes on to detail an account from Roger White, 67, of Imber Road, Bratton. The paper says:

“Roger White called the Wiltshire Times to say that he has seen similar lights on four occasions in the last 10 years. He said: “It started in 2000 when I was working in Southwick.

“I got the feeling that something was watching me so I turned round and there was an orange orb. “It went behind the tree line and gradually gained height. Then in November last year I saw an orange orb along the West Ashton to Trowbridge road. It went towards Trowbridge and then just disappeared.

Also on Christmas Eve last year I took the dog into the back garden and there was a massive orb pulsating and then it just blinked out. A week later I was in my garden again facing north and another orb shot off to the west.”

It’s very likely that the objects Roger saw were lanterns or balloons too, it’s very usual for them to just float around, not really going anywhere and then to just zip away on a current of air. Or if they disappear it’s because they’ve gotten too high or the flame has gone out.

The feeling on being watched may have been coincidental.

We’re not saying that the people who witnessed these lights didn’t see something strange, and we’re not claiming that they made anything up. It’s just very likely, from what we have witnessed and researched in the past, that these lights were simply lanterns.

Our verdict = lanterns + more uncritical journalism from the W.T.

*Video credit to Robert & Lucie Weeks

About Hayley Stevens

Hayley Stevens is a podcaster, blogger, writer, public speaker and ghost geek. She likes tea, cake, sci-fi books and being a humanist.

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