UFO photos? There's an app for that…

Readers of our blog may recall that earlier this year an application became available for Iphones, Ipods etc. that allowed the owner to create spooky looking ghost photographs.

You simply took a photo of a person or a room and could choose from the provided ghosts to add to the photo to create your own ghost photo in minutes. The Sun and Daily Mail were even fooled by one of these photos. Not that we were surprised…

Of course, this meant that hundreds of photos suddenly appeared that were the product of the app and, although they fooled some, the masses were aware of how the photos had come about thanks to the media coverage of the app.

It isn’t surprising to learn that the same can now be done with UFO photos too. We were tipped off by Bob Dezon who showed us the UFO sightings app for Iphones and Ipods that allows the owner to add an realistic looking flying saucer to their photos.

It’s funny and very cleverly done, but it does show just how little researchers can trust photographic “evidence” (and yet so many do).


About Hayley Stevens

Hayley Stevens is a podcaster, blogger, writer, public speaker and ghost geek. She likes tea, cake, sci-fi books and being a humanist.

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  1. Is it on Android? I sense an opportunity to insert UFO’s into certain ridiculous irish holy shrine photographs. 😉

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