CCTV Ghost explored

EDITED: The link to the video has been fixed as Cumbrian News claimed copyright on the video and it was removed from other sites. Odd.

Several newspapers have reported that a ghostly apparition has been caught on the CCTV system in The Wolfe Pub in Penrith. You can see a still from the 35 second long clip with the ‘ghost’ in it to the left of this article.

Naturally, when newspapers jump on a ghost story it grabs my attention due to my long standing interest in the paranormal. However, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen so many videos from so many people over the years in which something is called a ghost when it clearly isn’t, but, it became quite clear that the apparition in the video from The Wolfe pub wasn’t as weird as it first seemed.

The first thing I noticed was that the object was out of focus – some would say this was because it was a ghost and was a misty form. I felt, however, that it was fuzzy because the thing we are seeing was close to the screen – too close for the camera to focus on…

I have a hunch that what we are looking at isn’t a ghost polishing a table, as the landlord has claimed he thinks it is, but in fact a fly or moth sitting on, and crawling across the CCTV camera lens.

In fact, at one point  you can quite clearly see it flutter one of it’s wings before flying off of the camera – an action that has been described as the ghost floating through the ceiling.

Here you can see the fly outlined. Click the photo for the full size version.

Watch the video here and see for yourself how something that looks weird can actually have a very mundane explanation that makes you wonder how you missed it the first time around.

Other phenomena was also reported from the pub too, however without further details and without being able to see the other CCTV videos it would be impossible to speculate about what caused the other things to occur.

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the fly in the video though.


About Hayley Stevens

Hayley Stevens is a podcaster, blogger, writer, public speaker and ghost geek. She likes tea, cake, sci-fi books and being a humanist.

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  1. Well, the video is no longer available so I can’t study it in detail but I have to agree that the object is small, and close to the camera. This is not an unusual effect as any cctv operator will be able to tell you, as spiders often make webs across the front of camera housings, and give a similar effect to this.

  2. Well, quite frankly you’d have to really try hard not to see that this is a fly on the lens (cover) of the CCTV camera; it is so obvious at the end of the video! This is certainly easy to test with access to the camera, or at least access to a similar camera, and a fly…


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