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The Q.E.D conference

In recent years, much skeptical output tends to focus on alternative medicine and other associated areas. Yet for a significant number of people, the most common experience of the pseudoscientific can be found not in the pseudomedical, but in the paranormal. Whether it be through TV shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters International, or through the use of ouija boards and the proliferation of urban legends, polls tend to place belief in ghosts at around the 1 in 7 level in the general population (unsurprisingly, this figures differs greatly when compared to the skeptical or scientific population).

With so many people attesting to have experienced the paranormal, can we simply discount their tales…

or is there something to learn even where explanations come with a more natural than supernatural flavouring?

Of course, would be the BARsoc answer to the question that ends the statement above, but if you’re an avid follower of this site and the work of our researchers then you probably already know that.

The statement is taken from the blog on the website of the QED conference that is taking place at the Piccadilly hotel in Manchester on the 5th & 6th of February, and we’re pleased to be able to say that at least four BARsoc researchers are going to be present (it may go up if more can be talked into buying a ticket, of course.)As exciting as the prospect of different BARsoc researchers from all areas of Britain meeting at a great event such as QED is, it gets better because the statment above is describing the ‘Ghost Investigations Today’ panel that is part of the conference with not one but TWO members of the British Anomalistic Research Society taking part.

The panel will be Professor Chris French from the Amonalistic Psychology Research Unit that is based at Goldsmiths, BARsoc co-founder Hayley Stevens, Keen Folklorist, ghost researcher, BARsoc member and crop-circle know-it-all Trystan Swale and well known Parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keefe who is best known for his involvement with Most Haunted.

You can read more about the panel here. We are very excited about this at BARsoc HQ. Not only because the event sounds so brilliant – with speakers such as Prof. Bruce Hood, Kat Akingbade, Chris Atkins, Jon Ronson, Eugiene Scott and more in the line up, but because often Paranormal Research, Ghosts, Hauntings, Anomalous Phenomena and the down right spooky stuff that is reported every single day is often (but not always) over looked at skeptical conferences and events.

QED has a panel dedicated to ‘Ghost Investigations Today’ on the Saturday just before lunch, and because of this, we think QED is pretty awesome.

If you’re attending the event be sure to look for BARsoc members in the audiences and the crowds, and come along to the panel on the Saturday with any questions you might have. We certainly hope to meet some BARsoc followers at the event.

If you haven’t already, you can buy your tickets by clicking here.

Oh, and yes, we know the acronym for the panel is G.I.T – that wasn’t lost on us. Pesky QED kids…