New Bownessie photos – BARsoc exclusive!

Knowing that a BARsoc researcher was camping out in the Windermere area overnight, I really should have waited to publish the article I wrote yesterday until today – to see if he had anything of significance to add to the case. I thought I’d chance it though, and it seemed I was wrong to do so.

I received a phone call from our researcher in the early hours of the morning explaining that I wouldn’t believe what he had just seen and he had some photos he wanted to send by email so was heading back to his car to get home as soon as possible. That’s all he would tell me. So I’ve been awake most of the night and morning waiting for an email to arrive.

What I received has left me in a bit of a tricky situation as I had information to hand about a less credible investigator involved in the Bownessie case (whom I shall not mention, though if you’re psychic… you’ll know) being involved in the recording of a pilot episode¬† for a tv show about hunting for British Lake Monsters after their involvement with Bownessie.

I had been made aware of this when the producers behind the show asked me if I was willing to talk on camera about my research into the Tom Pickles photo. They clearly hadn’t done their research though as when I mentioned I was a skeptical researcher they asked if I would “glam up” the research I had done to lend ‘weight to the idea that the photos and sightings could be paranormal, for effect’. I declined.

I hadn’t wanted to reveal this information until I knew the filming of the pilot episode was over, but after the discovery by a BARsoc researcher today I feel I have to bring people up to speed about what is really going on with the Bownessie monster case before it gets out of hand.

There have only been a few photographs involved in the Bownessie case. The first was apparently taken by Steve Burnip in 2006 when he and his wife spotted what they described as a twenty-foot eel like creature swimming in a straight line across the lake in front of them, possibly two hundred or so yards away (the distance they said they could not be certain of).

The Burnip photo has not been released to the general public, but, according to Jon Downes of the CFZ, shows what could be described as humps in the water.

The best known ‘Bownessie’ photo was that taken by Linden Adams in 2007 that shows ‘a creature’ breaking the water and leaving a wake behind it as it travels through the water. He claims it was about 50 foot in length and that is had a labrador-like head, but it looks vague and you can’t really tell if it’s just a bird landing on the water, or something similar.

one in a series of photos by Adams

Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington were brought to the worlds attention in February when, on February 11th, they were kayaking across the lake and claim that a large creature the size of three cars swam across the lake in front of them. Tom Pickles had managed to grab his mobile phone to take a photo that shows four humps above the water leaving behind a wake. This was the photo that first brought my attention to the Bownessie case.

Trimmed version of Pickles photo

I wrote an article for BARsoc yesterday explaining how (and why) I felt that the sightings of the Bownessie monster were simply misidentifications caused by peoples expectations, media hype and people jumping on a bandwagon.

I also touched upon how the CFZ felt that giant eels were the cause of the sightings and how Dean Maynard seemed to think something paranormal was the cause.

In my article about the Pickles photograph from February I concluded that it was probably a tyre that had been sliced into four humps. I said it could have been dumped in the lake and happened to drift past Tom and Sarah at the wrong (or right…) time, making them think they had seen something paranormal. Others said it was a hoax, an explanation that I felt couldn’t be ruled out. A tyre was found but it didn’t necessarily mean it was an intential hoax…

Discovered by tourist

It would seem though that something fishy is occuring in the lake, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the Artic charr.

I’m guessing it’s to do with adding ‘weight to the idea that the photos and sightings could be paranormal. For effect’, for the pilot show I mentioned before. I did wonder if such a project in the pipe line could have encouraged sightings, but I couldn’t be sure… until now.

I have just received an email from the BARsoc researcher who had been camped out at Windermere, and attached were some photos taken on their Canon EOS Rebel XS with the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS zoom lens that showed how the cause for the Bownessie sightings was something altogether more mundane that any of us at BARsoc had imagined. Click on each photo to be taken to the full size version. I’ll let you make your own minds up…

shot one

shot two

shot three

It was old Mr Maynard all along, and he would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for us pesky kids!

Written by Hayley Stevens for

Disclaimer: None of this is true, apart from the bits about the actual photos, but not the last few… or the TV show. We hope. April fools!

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Hayley Stevens is a podcaster, blogger, writer, public speaker and ghost geek. She likes tea, cake, sci-fi books and being a humanist.

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  1. That is really very funny. Well done!

  2. Whoa there, this is starting to get cliquey.

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