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A new kind of bogeyman?

There seems to be a new bogeyman in town, stalking the dreams and nightmares of those unlucky enough to draw his attention. Faceless, shadowy and with few weaknesses, only madness and a slow death awaits those who would stand in the way of whatever ancient, unfathomable mission drives him onward to destroy adults and consume children alike. Tall, slim, and wearing an old fashioned black suit, he uses his tentacle-like fingers and elasticated arms to draw his victims into a final, horrific embrace before snatching them away never to be seen again. He is the Slender Man, and not only has he has been cutting an ever widening path of destruction across the world wide web in recent years, but it now seems that he has made the leap to the real world, much like that other urban legend, the Shadow People, did before him, and is currently being experienced by people who are supposedly unaware that his origins as a completely fictional pseudo-entity.

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BARsoc has changed

The BARsoc website is no more, but that doesn’t mean that the organisation has stopped – we’ve simply downsized and made things less formal; we believe this will make things work better.

Welcome to The Vigilantes blog, where those people who made BARsoc work continue to offer rational insight into the often irrational world of paranormal research. We had many great people who are involved in paranormal research in one way or another who offered to help with BARsoc, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t practical and didn’t work as smoothly as it could have done.

That has now changed. If you need our help simply get in touch via the contact page.

Adios, BARsoc,

Hola, Vigilantes.